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The Thirteen English Colonies of North America

The Thirteen English Colonies of North America Teaching Resources

Poster by Trend Enterprises 13 Colonies Learning Chart (T-38330)

Websites & Blogs

The Mariners Museum (for the Age of Exploration)

Annenberg Learner (a teacher resource site) / Interactives:

Book Units Teacher (home page) / Colonial America

Mr. Zoller's blog  (teacher blog- James Zoller teaches seventh grade social studies in Ohio.)

Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center (also a Field Trip resource)

Plimoth Plantation (Yes, it's spelled like that.) (also a Field Trip resource):
Social Studies for Kids / The Thirteen American Colonies / 13 Colonies

Drive Thru History (streaming videos & free via iTBN) / The Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock Settlement (streaming video & lesson)

Something to Offer / ABCs of American History: A is for American Colonies

Carson Dellosa Mark Twain Life in the Colonies Chart (414023)

Lesson Plans

Book Units Teacher (home page) / Colonial America

Kid's Activities / Colonial Theme for Kids and Colonial Theme: page 2

Mr. Donn's Site for Kids and Teachers / 13 Colonies for Kids

Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center / Colonial Life Lesson Plan (Virginia)
     -includes printouts for what colonial life was like for men, women, children, and slaves.
     -includes Colonial Life Background Essay pdf for teachers / The Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock Settlement (streaming video & lesson)

BrainPop Educators

Core Knowledge / Thirteen Colonies search results

Book Study Guide - The Hatmaker's Sign

How to Memorize the 13 Colonies in Order (cute and free ebook by Donnalyn Yates)

Colonial America Graphic Organizers by Book Units Teacher, Gay Miller

Our Journey Westward (homeschool blog) / 13 Colonies Travel Brochure project

Our Journey Westward (homeschool blog) / Settling the New World and Colonial Life Unit

His Mercy is New (homeschool blog) / What will you take on the Mayflower? (letter & activity)

Teaching in Room 6 (teacher blog) / Thinking Mapping the Colonies Solutions / What work did colonists do? (cartoon)

Welcome to Room 211 (teacher blog) / Pics of Student's 13 Colonies Tri-fold boards 

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Educational Publications / History of Colonial Money

Teachers Pay Teachers

The Journey of the Mayflower (free printable worksheet made by Educating Everyone 4 Life)

13 Colonies Map Worksheet (made by Jenn Hester)

Thirteen Colonies Fluency Passages (by Bow Tie Guy and Wife)

Activity Books

Hands-On History: Colonial America: Fantastic Easy-to-Make Projects That Help Kids Learn and Love History!, 

Colonial Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in the New World (Hands-On History)


YouTube Videos:

Schoolhouse Rock - No More Kings

5th grade Colonial Dance (uploaded by Barbara Jensen)

Mr. Ruperts 13 Colonies (by Will Rupert)

Making the 13 Colonies (uploaded by DerowBradleyUS)

Mercantilism by Global History and Geography 9

Thirteen Colonies Podcasts by James Zoller:

The Thirteen Colonies (Colonial America-US History EOC Review) by Tom Richey
The Thirteen Colonies (EOC Review) by Tom Richey (SC)

English and Dutch Colonies uploaded by Beau


Liberty Kids: The Complete Series, Barnes and Noble,


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Education Place/ The 13 British Colonies pdf (unlabeled)
Tim's Printables / Free Printable Map of 13 Colonies pdf (labeled)
Student Handouts / Thirteen Original Colonies

US History with Mrs. Bauer:




Interactive Online

13 Colonies Map by

Mission US 

Sons of Liberty infographic

History Globe (by Bob Dunn) / The Jamestown Online Adventure

Quia / Colonial Challenge (online quiz)

Virtual Field Trips:

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center

Historic Virginia: The Virtual Field Trip

Lancaster, PA and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country

National Colonial Farm in Accokeek, Maryland

Plimoth Plantation

National Park Service / Boston

Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, VA

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Carson Dellosa Mark Twain The American Revolution Time Line Bulletin Board Set (410051)

Timeline: Carson Dellosa Mark Twain The American Revolution Time Line Bulletin Board Set (410051)

Our Pinterest Board 

1600s: Colonization of North America

Colonial Teacher

Free ClipArt

Mr. Donn's Site for Kids and Teachers (ClipArt by Phillip Martin) / 13 Colonies

13 Colonies
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