About Us

Welcome to Apple Tree Homeschool Academy's blog.

Please, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tonya Meadows. I'm a mother to four biological children plus four grown step-children, a grandmother to five (and multiplying), a very proud homeschool teacher, and a bona-fide chocoholic. 

{Did I say I LOVE chocolate? That deserves elaborating...I'll will eat, drink, or roll in chocolate. I will eat it in truck. I will drink it from a cup. I will eat it here or there. I even smell it everywhere.}

You'll most likely find me in comfy clothes and a pony tail:

~> running errands, organizing, cleaning or tidying-up, or swearing I just did all those things,

~> reading homeschooling and teachers' blogs, 
~> researching fun ed games and lessons,
~> obsessively pressing the Pinterest button,
~> printing way too much using printer ink I like to call "my teacher's gold", 
~> excitedly teaching the kiddo(s) while learning something myself, 
~> cooking and baking like my Grandma used to do,
~> huggin' and kissin' someone...even if I have to chase 'em to do it,
~> snoozing or tossing and turning dreaming of snoozing, 
~> praying to the good Lord above and counting my blessings,
~> making lame jokes, and
~> always trying my darndest to embarrass my grown kids on social media.

To be sure, you'll always find me sippin' on some sweet ice tea from a jar or some hot cocoa from a mug. If this sounds like your idea of fun, stick around the blog for a little insight into what I call my crazy, homeschooling, mommy life. You just might find some good ideas and helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Now, come meet my kiddos.

Happy Homeschooling!