Sunday, May 1, 2016

Homeschool Organization Depends Upon Where You Homeschool

Homeschool organization depends upon where you are doing your homeschooling.

Today on Pinterest, I came across a blog entitled The Truth About Homeschool Organization written by Crystal at Tidbits of Experience. It's an encouraging read. Truth be told, about a third of my research on the homeschooling topic is organization. I love organizational videos for the rest of my household, as well. Crystal suggests you give yourself permission NOT to have a picture perfect expectation of your homeschooling space, and I agree. She walks you through her transformations over her years of homeschooling and shares with you what has been working and how things have changed. 

Pretty much, her outlook and experience mimics my own. In our own homeschool, we have a dedicated space in my daughter's room for teaching and learning: math, spelling, handwriting, phonics, vocabulary, reading, grammar, and writing. These topics need the utmost attention and focus when the lesson is being taught and practiced. My daughter has A.D.H.D, so by removing her from the busiest parts of the house and placing her in a quiet and less trafficked area, she is able to keep her attention on the lesson at hand. This is also where we store the bulk of her current curriculum. We do store extra school supplies and previous years' curriculum in a cabinet in the hallway and in boxes on the top shelf of her clothes closet.

To mix things up a bit, we mostly read our history and science textbook lessons in the living room, then pull up a YouTube video (or many) on whatever topic we are studying. This is also where we have great discussions and life lessons on the current topic. Science experiments and art are done at the kitchen table to contain the mess. Less messy art projects my daughter likes to work on at her bedroom desk where it is more quiet and she can let her artistic juices flow.

Music is listened to and practiced all over the house. My son and daughter each have a guitar in their bedrooms, which they practice and play often. We utilize the free Hoffman Academy piano lessons by watching them on our Roku in the living room and while sitting at the piano. This makes the lessons most convenient. We use the YouTube channel on Roku to watch many a lesson in all subjects. All subjects are studied on the computer in the living room, as well.

Even though the bulk of our homeschooling space is tucked away in my daughter's bedroom, we actually move throughout the house every day. This keeps things more interesting and helps keep the "Homeschool Burnout" at bay. Plus, we get to intertwine household chores during breaks or during independent work. Of course, the sidewalk outside makes for a great chalk board. 

I figure I'll always love organizational videos, tips and tricks. But, like Crystal suggests the goal of homeschooling is to educate your child, while still practicing being a mother in a home where your family actually lives.

On that note, I invite you to check out our own homeschooling space. Enjoy the tour! 

And of course, I couldn't leave you without at least one organizational tip. 

If that's not enough for you, be sure to visit our Pinterest boards. I'm sure you'll get loads of organizational ideas for your homeschool. 

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