Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Accomplishments and Teacher Gift Idea

Accomplishing Tasks

The last few days (and wee hours of the nights), I've spent updating the look of Apple Tree Homeschool Academy's blog and learning more about the blog features here on Blogger. I'm so excited to have improved the information on the right side bar and am looking forward to featuring some additional fellow homeschooling bloggers and other helpful links in the near future.

It's All in the Name

While contemplating a formal name for our homeschool, I came up the the bright idea of turning the blog into a family project with contributions from my older, married children and their families. They will be homeschooling the grandchildren as they get older, and each of my grown kids and their spouses has unique niches that I think would be great additions to this blog. So after opinion gathering, we decided to rename the blog "Apple Tree Homeschool Academy" after the formal name we adopted for our family's homeschool. 

Why "Apple Tree Academy?"

We are considering our homeschool name to include the extended family as well, thus incorporating the idea of a family tree into the name, eventual logo, website banner, etc. I've always loved apples as they are a traditional symbol for teaching and education. I've, also, always loved a tree of some sort as part of a classroom decor. We have one for decor in our own homeschool room.

YouTube Find

Are you the DIY or crafty type? Then, you just may fall in love with this do-it-yourself Post-It note cover.

Have a great homeschooling week!

Disclaimer: Clipart provided by Cheryl Seslar at Raggedy Scrappin via Digi Web Studio.

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