Thursday, November 10, 2016

Best-Laid Plans

All summer long, I had hoped and had planned for this new homeschool year of 2016-2017 to start off well organized and fun-filled. I even created a cute lesson plan binder filled with inspiration and ingenuity for staying on track. I wanted a disciplined schedule, where outside events and responsibilities did not encroach upon the daily tasks we needed to accomplish for our studies. I had all intentions of keeping a tightly ran ship. Then, as often it does, Life decided it had different plans, a mind all of its own.

In mid-August, my elderly father had fallen and spent a bout in the veteran's hospital. He had broken his hip and was too ill for a corrective or replacement surgery, leaving him bedridden for the remainder of his days. He was transported to a physical therapy / nursing home, soon after. Just a few weeks later, he passed away. Because he lived in another state, we took trips to be with him while he was in the hospital, and then again to attend his funeral service. My dad was a WWII veteran, and I couldn't be a prouder daughter.

Dec. 3, 1924 - Sept. 5, 2016

Mourning didn't last long around this house, not for a lack of love and adoration we hold for my father, but because we started adding adorable blessings to the family, soon after.

My daughter-in-law went into labor a month early giving birth to this adorable cutie-pie, a precious baby girl. 

Her toddler big brother is getting used to sharing the love. He's also learning how to behave around a newborn in the house. 

Not to be outdone, my oldest daughter went into labor three weeks early and just four days after the birth of her new niece. Here's her darling bundle of joy.

We went from having one grandchild to having three in the matter of a week! Visiting these precious babies, also, included extended travel. 

Even though we can make the best-laid plans, sometimes Life decides its going to throw us a curve ball, whereas we have to adjust and change course. What wondrous reasons for our family to do so. 

May God open the gates of Heaven for my father, and may God bless these two precious gifts he has added to our family...and to our schedule. 

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