Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fantastic First Day Back to School!

We had an awesome FIRST DAY back to school, yesterday! Cameron started 10th grade and came home happy with his classes he signed up for, and he said all his teacher's seem to be the cool, calm types. His track coach is going to be his P.E. teacher. He has the same Spanish teacher as last year. And, this year he's trying something new...he's taking a THEATRE CLASS! Yep, my once (and still somewhat) shy Cameron is taking drama! WHAT?!  
We, also, had a wonderful first day back to our HOMESCHOOL with Danielle. While her brother had to get up at 6:30 am to go to public school, she got to sleep in...much later (and I'm not tattling on myself saying just how long I let her sleep, while I finished up my lesson plan book.) We started the day with chocolate chip waffles. A day can't go wrong when you start it like that!

I didn't dare get on the time warp machine I call Facebook, yesterday. There was just too much to do. Even though she got to sleep in late, we were able to go through all her main subjects (Language Arts, Math, History, Science) to review a few lessons we had worked on in the Spring, just to refresh our memories and give us a good launch to our new school year. We got through more than I had expected we would, which made me "Happy, Happy, Happy"!

I was able to finish and use my updated, cutesy lesson plan book I've been making and collecting goodies for over the past several days. I'm hoping to make a YouTube video featuring it, soon. I didn't have to work too much, got in a long late afternoon nap, made dinner, got dishes done before bedtime, played cards with the hubby and went to bed relaxed and thankful for such a blessed day with my loved ones.

Yesterday, life was at it should be, great!

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